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A lot of people will say "hey, you guys aren't ending pedophilia." Well no, we don't "end pedophilia as we know it." That's not our goal.

However, that is just one aspect of our work as a foundation.

We are currently working to expand on all fronts in the war against internet predators and pedophiles in general.

Use the following "Jump Menu" to get the category that interests you the most Information about You're probably wanting more information on what we do, if that's the case this is your best place to start. All answered here and some answers even have sarcasm. How you can help here After all these other categories, you still want to help and potentially end up getting tons of pedophiles and predators arrested? Simply stated, we want to poison the well of these rooms and places by covering enough of them that even if you're looking for underage females, an extra bit of paranoia will cross your mind.

Everything from our history to our current status is covered here. We believe that regional chat rooms and social networking sites are the most ready and easy way for an individual to try to "hook up with" underage females.

Our work with law enforcement Wait, aren't we evil vigilantes?!?! And since it's "regional," these people don't live that far away.

Yes, we work daily with law enforcement, this category covers the extent to which we work with law enforcement and some of the details surrounding that. A kid goes into this cesspool, they're basically at the mercy of chance.The forum community and volunteer center We're not an old-school organization. Our goal is to help reduce that chance by covering these rooms to a point where we have an impact and create an atmosphere where such happenings become rarer and rarer.We eschew newsletters, big shiny office buildings and mailing lists. As well, we have the goal of turning the website into a conviction machine with as many information first agreements with police as possible.Becoming a non-profit was something we felt had to be done to illustrate how serious we are about this fight and most importantly, illustrate to the public that we're not a bunch of yahoos running around randomly!This site was inspired by a conversation between site founder Xavier Von Erck and another individual who chatted in the same Portland Regional Room.Thanks Dewy Easter Sunday early 1960s L to R: dewy, Beverly, Debbie, Toni Morinville 1971 Photo Very interesting. It does look like Barbara with the hair style Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND Terry’s Obituary Terry Nadeau, age 51 of Dunseith, died Wednesday at a Bismarck hospital.