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Wherever you plan to go, a packed picnic lunch will be a fraction of the price of eating out and likely a lot healthier.

In addition, picnics are easy to make as casual or as romantic as you want.

Museums give you a quiet place to wander around together and talk about the museum exhibitions.

Football: Just as with baseball, tossing a football back and forth can be great fun.

To make it easier, you may want to use a soft Nerf type style.

Frisbee: Grab a Frisbee, head to the local park or open ground area and toss it around together.

Baseball / Catch: Grab a couple of mitts and a ball and head for some open ground area.

I know it is out of season, BUT, my husband and I go on a ‘pumpkin picnic’…we go to a field and find our very bestest pumpkin, then go to a park and have a ‘hot’ picnic…maybe homemake soup, stew, chowder or chili in a thermal beverage carrier, sandwiches and hot cider…we pick a park where there are a lot of ‘falling’ leaves so we can enjoy the season…if you use chili or pork and beans as your ‘hot’ item, you can also put hotdogs in the container and they will be nice and hot when you are ready for them…Bring a blanket or something to sit on, as picnic tables might be wet that time of year, bring a plastic tablecloth, and a camera…enjoy your time together listening to the sounds of fall and hearing the leaves fall!

A couple of other ideas are: Go to the web site of all of your local ‘things’ i.e.

If there is a sand box, build sand castles together.

This is a perfect inexpensive date to go along with a picnic lunch where you can be silly, giggle, play tag and remember the fund days of being a child.

Whichever piece of paper your date chooses is your date for the day/evening.

If both you and your date are athletic, setting up a date around a sport can be a wonderfully good time without costing much at all.

Toss the ball around and enjoy each other’s company.