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Student Body President” and the second season of Awesomeness TV’s “Guidance.” Rose began her You Tube channel in 2009 with hair and make-up videos, counseling her peers on curing acne and how to grow hair more quickly.

Over the past seven years, her videos have quickly evolved from the ubiquitous talking head tutorial video to more stylized fare; with editing, music choices, and feminist politics, Rose’s channel stands out in a sea of clickbait titles and the viral challenge of the moment.

Arden also starred in a short comedy movienamed ‘Occupy Alice’ and the TV series ‘Guidance’ in 2015. She has helped them embrace their inner beauty and be themselves. She has numerous boys crushing over her including You Tubers themselves.She is true to herself, confident and doesn’t put on a façade in her videos. In fact, she is a good artist and has won several certificates and awards in school for the same. The eldest is her brother, followed by her sister, Avery, then Arden, and her younger sister, Harper.The site is host to many short form series utilizing You Tube talent, of varying qualities. Student Body President” are two projects that speak well for the new medium. Dodie Clark’s “Sick of Losing Soulmates” music vid, my new video (to make sure everything was edited correctly and I don’t have a nipple out or something), and a Buzzfeed video where people eat their favorite fast food. Any Kermit related meme is going to make me snort/laugh. shitheadsteve on Instagram is my favorite account hands down. Which up and coming You Tuber are you most excited about? Indie Wire asked Rose our own version of the Proust questionnaire, going straight to the source for some insider knowledge about the funniest online videos, viral trends, and You Tube challenges. I’m a sucker for watching other people enjoy guilty pleasures. I made my boyfriend watch a video of a cat freaking out because their owner came home. READ MORE: Smosh Grows Up: After 10 Years on You Tube, The Online Comedy Empire Continues to Evolve Who rocked the mannequin challenge hardest? I mean, a ton of people made amazing videos, but she posed like someone was dragging her by the hair at a busy house party. They’re typically self-destructive and hit way too close to home. But only if he went on an American Psycho-esque killing spree. The first is an honest look at the real concerns of young girls trying to find themselves in a anti-feminist world, and the latter is like an older sister that has her shit together, but is still actively working towards dismantling the patriarchy. What celebrity would you want to run your Twitter account for a day? READ MORE: Kristen Wiig and Jerry Seinfeld Eat Pie On Season 9 Premiere of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ — Watch In a branded video for the make-up company Smashbox, she and filmmaker Will Darbyshire exhibit a tailored aesthetic with multiple costume changes and Rose’s trademark blend of self-deprecation and self-love.

Many of her recent videos are scripted, and her ease with topics from mascara to anxiety to the election makes her a formidable online presence.Her videos have been viewed nearly a billion times.She regularly updates her channel by posting weekly videos.With the success of her first channel she began two other separate channels as well.One is solely dedicated to gamingcalled the ‘Arose Games’ channel, as she is a gaming freak.Popular You Tube personality known for her comedy videos as well as her makeup tutorial and advice videos.