post dating b l Wife killed after updating facebook

Fiona Cortese of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Richarsdon became enraged when Sarah changed her marital status on Facebook to single and decided to go and see her as she was not responding to his messages.” Stafford Crown Court heard that Richardson, a carpenter from Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent, had sought out Mrs Richardson in her parents house and entered by breaking the front door window.“Once inside he found Sarah in her bedroom and subjected her to a frenzied and brutal attack with a knife and then attempted to take his own life,” said Ms Cortese.Officers found his wife’s body in the couple’s bed under a comforter.

She said: “We hope that today’s guilty verdict will go some way to easing the pain of Sarah’s friends and family after losing her in such a violent and abrupt way.” Click here to read about another Facebook status-motivated murder.Click here for more on this story from the London Times.A man murdered his estranged wife after he became “enraged” that she had changed her marital status to single on the social networking site Facebook.Edward Richardson, 41, was found guilty of stabbing to death Sarah Richardson, 26, a hairdresser, in her parents’ house in Staffordshire on May 12 last year.Authorities received a call Sunday morning from 26-year-old Rachel Butler saying that her husband shot her at their Montgomery County home, news station KHOU reported.

Police arrived to find her with a gunshot wound to the chest and her 39-year-old husband, Jason Butler, dead after shooting himself in the head in the driveway.

Confidential information and support is available 24/7 at the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

A Texas man shot his wife before turning the gun on himself, just days after moving into a new home, officials said.

There comes a time in every adventure show when the hero must face torture.

But beating and whipping is really dull for any self-respecting criminal mastermind.

Basically anything so bad that the Suckiness Is Painful. A variant is for the villain to do torture that is so ridiculous and/or Faux Horrific it would never work, but everyone acts as if it would. Not to be confused with Unishment, when its the character who wants the punishment rather than the audience. Sue: I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. And on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home, and punch you in the face.