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So it’s no surprise that the pair, seemingly at the end of the road in their relationship, is stepping in front of cameras again to play out what’s left of it. And the audience can be a lot less understanding and supportive. At the end of the day, if I can help in any way, I would want him to do it for me if I were in that predicament.

That’s probably why Cole decided to explain a very important part of her storyline for the show, which premieres on Monday, before it premieres: the fact that Gibson lives with her even though they’re not together. And all that matters is that DJ is there with him and he gets to see him.” As for what their son, DJ, knows about the state of their relationship, Cole said she doesn’t want to confuse him, so the the estranged couple focus solely on parenting.

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She was also nominated for the mighty Grammy Awards back in the year 2008 and this was for the category of Best Female R & B.She has also been awarded Early Entertainment Awards for the category of Video of the week.sneak peek, Miss Cole’s cousin Marquisha convinces her to get back on that dating saddle by way of a blind date.It’s been a long time since Keyshia went out with someone, so she figures, why not give it a try?She says they’re cohabitation is for the sake of their son, DJ.. “We’ve been going through it for a very long time as far as the separation and then back together,” Cole said.

“So, it’s kind of a strong emotional situation for me because I want DJ to have everything that I didn’t. “That’s the reason why I ultimately made the decision of just making sure we go our separate ways.She was born in a place called Los Angeles which lies in California of United States of America. Keyshia Cole has worked very hard to be where she is today and she has definitely made her parents very proud. She is also a sensational television personality and an amazing businesswoman.Early Life and Childhood Keyshia Cole looks well educated but details on the colleges she attended are not known at this time. Keyshia Cole has had an amazing career and her trophies prove it.If he’s trying to get with anyone, it would be a good idea to cover her face up on his hand because… He’ll do it, but will also add blood dripping from Keyshia’s eyes. As long as she’s happy and smiling, Daniel has no worries.Keyshia Cole’s relationship with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson has played out in public, specifically on reality television, since pretty much the very beginning.They continue to live together through their estrangement in order to co-parent their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., whose nickname is DJ.