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Krista Leigh Xavier well there goes one of our #1 landmarks. Joe Joseph This is a giant blow for that corridor that seemed like it was starting to turn things around lately. In the meantime the overflow should help to bolster the surrounding restaurants. We joke that we can say “I loved you, even when we lived above a giant chili pepper” You gotta start someplace, right?! Katreena Blair I used to work here, it was a fun job.

Lol Jess Mellen-Graaf My hopes are that the giant pepper will be put to rest with the giant Bucket behind Sherman mills. Koco Nails Once they take their pepper…I vote for a new landmark!

In recent years, investors had bought into Johnny Manana's.A planned Center City location was announced but later fell through.In the firm’s counterclaim, TMG claimed Depp has been unable to control his spending.Although he earned more than 0 million over the past 13 years, TMG claimed the actor had depleted his fortune with ill-advised purchases.Ridge and Midvale won’t be the same again: after 15 years, Johnny Mananas has shuttered for good. Keep posted here for more developments, fingers crossed this prime location won’t stay unoccupied long.

Neighbors chime in with comments & memories of this popular Mexican restaurant with the giant chili on top. Hard to imagine the busiest corner of East Falls without our giant red chili pepper punctuating the streetscape. Adobe Cafe in Roxborough’s not a bad choice if you’d rather not deal with traffic in Manayunk — otherwise, Taqueria Feliz on Main Street.

As the concept had begun to flag, he said, they decided that necessary repairs were not worth making.

Meanwhile, he said, they are working to open a Johnny Manana's restaurant in Coral Gables, Fla., and were developing a new restaurant in this area.

Dayna Levin, director of restaurant operations, set up the bar with more than 90 tequilas. did up the interior, on the ground floor of an office building, using earth tones and natural wood.

A third Johnny Manana's location is planned later this year for 1408-10 Chestnut St., next to Prince Music Theater.

The sign above appeared last Thursday — when word got out on East Falls Rants, many reactions were shocked and concerned. Sub par over priced Mexican food can be replaced with a coffee shop/record store/performance space.