Who is elise neal dating

Gary Gray, went on to say that the gestures 50 Cent bestowed upon her in that juicy magazine photo shoot 'goes down as one of the most gentlemanly gestures that has come my way, as far as a guy really trying to get to know me.'She continued, 'I've gotten to know [50 Cent] him a lot in the past three three years, and he's a wonderful person. in a full-length feature film based on turbulent life.

You've got to really know him to know that, and I'll always have his back. Neal says the possibility of her playing that role remains at a standstill.

Source: Ice Dot Com) Last night, the paparazzo parked outside of Mr.

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I say this with love but please do not wear knockoff items on national tv for the world to see!

Chow’s in LA caught up with Rick Ross having a business dinner, along with his girlfriend, actress Elise Neal.

Elise has been on my television screen and in movies for years and years and I’m just not understanding why she couldn’t call a stylist to pull the real designer dress or buy her own to wear.

I’m not trying to call her out but I am just trying to understand the logic behind her wearing a knockoff on tv?

If you look close you can see that the dress is VERY poorly made and the neck has been altered, the beadwork looks VERY cheap and the center emblem is horrid and it puckers when she moves.

I am so embarrassed for her and I hope if she sees this post, that she realizes that fashion designers work very hard and if you can’t “borrow” the real deal especially with your status, maybe you should keep it cute and simple. Seems that the couple has been dating since at least December of last year, when they went to the Soul Train awards and the Power106 Christmas concert together.magazine (November 2007 issue) vague details of regarding her 'relationship' with rapper 50 Cent who has most recently been romantically linked to 22-year-old R&B singer Ciara.I was in shock because Elise Neal was sitting on “national tv” with a VERY questionable and poorly made dress that resembled a very famous designer!I know that lots of people wear clothes that are inspired by fashion houses all the time like Versace and others but for a women of Elise’s caliber and who is admired by many, I am a bit confused.Diddy love triangle of the mid-90s, but it’s still a curious development.