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“It’s this moment of identifying the passageway, that black hole moment, and the promise or recognition that it’s not black at all.” It's a little dramatic, but there’s something beautiful about finding life after a major loss like the death of one’s previous identity.

Suddenly, the painting starts to emerge like the old days of developing a photograph – something familiar emerges.

He follows it, tries to serve it.” If that sounds like your brand of Kool-Aid, Kilmer’s work will be on display through July 22.

) Just as the Vikings passed into the next realm, the 57-year-old has been on his own existential journey from fame to not-fame and reflecting on his self-worth through “contemporary gestural abstractions” and pop art, like a gold-painted 1980s Macintosh and Andy Warhol-style portraits of Jim Morrison.

“I’ve been in a transition and focusing in on this moment of moving through a period of my life as the concept of a black hole — one’s third act or, for an actor, from lead to character parts,” Kilmer’s statement continued.

It's possible that he's a man in search of redemption himself.

Certainly he's in search of a new reputation." A few minutes later, after Noyce has left the room and Kilmer has taken his place, the star confines his search to the whereabouts of the bathroom, and then for his cigarettes.Bet you haven’t heard the name Val Kilmer lately — and definitely not in the context of fine art.Yet the star of “Top Gun,” “Tombstone” and one of the less memorable (for better or worse) entries in the Batman franchise, “Batman Forever,” is making his New York City art world debut at Woodward Gallery on May 20.What Kilmer is supposed to be redeeming himself from is the allegation, first reported in an Entertainment Weekly cover-story about temperamental stars, that he's a raging primadonna.According to the Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher, Kilmer's behaviour on set was "atrocious"."Byrne said with pride that his Glaswegian cast were unintelligible in parts to an audience from Edinburgh.