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I wanted to share this because I want women, especially girls figuring out who they are to know that we all go through this.... we all have our moments of insecurity and little things that hold us back.But feeling pressure to be the person that you “think” people want you to be, will always stunt your growth!I set my camera to a shutter speed of 1/250s since that was as high as I could go and know that I would get full flash output on my wireless triggers (max sync speed).

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But they are pretty close to how they came out of the camera.

Kylie Jenner may have launched a massive holiday makeup collection on Thursday, but it seems after all her hard work, all she wanted to do was relax in her undies.

To set the flash levels first I started with no flash and made sure that I had my camera settings to make a pure black frame.

That demonstrated that all the light in the exposure was coming from the flashes and none was ambient light from the room.

Just a little more than a week ago, Julianne Hough married hockey player Brooks Laich.

I decided to sell off my Nikon gear now that I have have fallen in love with the Fuji x100s.

RELATED: Here’s What Happened When Julianne Hough and Jessica Szohr Went On an Outdoor Adventure What happened next was amazing, though: "Then I went, 'Whoaw Jules get out of your head and stop making decisions based off of what I 'think' people will think. It's important to celebrate being confident, inspire others to do the same and to not hold back because you're afraid of being judged." ❤️❤️❤️ #fbf to a little impromptu photoshoot after I jumped in the pool with a full face of makeup on.

When I came out of the water my girlfriend @samanthamarq was like, wait stay there, and she took a few shots.

I set the ISO at 400 since I trust the image quality on my camera at that setting.

I could go a bit higher and get away with it, but since I am controlling the lighting I wanted to keep the ISO as low as possible to maximize image quality.

The professional dancer and actress tied the knot with now-husband Brooks Laich in July, and in her latest social media post, she admits she's never felt more "free, beautiful and confident in her body." She shared a red-hot bikini Instagram on Friday, explaining that it was part of an impromptu post-wedding photo shoot with her friend.