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President Trump sowed confusion prior to the vote, which is expected to pass the Senate before expiring next week.Sexual predators hack into their social networking accounts and blackmail children into carrying out acts of abuse over webcams without even being in the same country, Peter Davies, chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre, said.

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Read: Philippines struggling to tackle child prostitution 'Leading the world' Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the new laws were unprecedented in the world."No country has ever taken such decisive and strong action to stop its citizens from going overseas, often to vulnerable countries, to abuse kids. Senator Derryn Hinch, a longtime campaigner for the measures who was involved in drafting the legislation, said pedophiles traveling for legitimate business and family reasons, and those living overseas who need to return to Australia as their visas expire, could be provided with temporary passports.“I meet a lot of parents who would be quite at ease talking to their kids about anything else, any other kind of behaviour that might induce risk to them or might be part of growing up but have a complete blindspot when it comes to talking about their internet activity.” Children “knowing more” than adults about technology is “often one of the mental barriers for parents”, he added.“But it’s possible for a parent who perhaps doesn’t know much about the internet still to have a sensible conversation with their kid about how to stay safe and certainly make sure that they’re doing what they can to exercise control over the way the device can be used and also make sure their kids are aware of the risks.” Mr Davies also warned offenders there was “no hiding place”, adding: “There’s nobody out there who is too technically proficient to escape detection.“They need to make sure their kids are internet savvy themselves,” he said.

“People need to adopt straight-forward, common sense approaches to being slightly suspicious about anybody who’s asking for personal details, and very suspicious about anybody who’s asking them to submit their password.

() Australia plans to introduce what its justice minister has termed "the strongest crackdown on child-sex tourism ever" by banning convicted pedophiles from traveling overseas, the government announced on Tuesday.

The laws, to be introduced soon in parliament, aim to protect vulnerable children particularly in nearby Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries, where several Australian child-sex offenders have been known to travel to continue their pedophile activities.

Convicted pedophiles in Australia are to be banned from traveling out of the country in a bid to stop child-sex tourism.

Some 20,000 child-sex offenders will have their passports canceled under new laws.

About half went to Southeast Asian destinations, she said.