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While Ricky Percival was given a life sentence, Damon Alvin, through giving evidence against him, evaded justice.

Essex Boys: A Terrifying Expose Of The British Drugs Scene The true story of the rise of the Essex Boys, one of the most violent and successful criminal gangs of the 1990’s.

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Charged with triple attempted murder for the attack on the Tretton family, Damon Alvin turned on his associate, Ricky Percival, accusing him of murdering Dean Boshell and being involved in the Tretton shooting.

The principal witness in the prosecution case, his evidence saw Ricky Percival convicted and sentenced to four counts of 28 years in prison in December 2006.

On 6 December 1995, Tony Tucker, (38), Patrick Tate, (37) and Craig Rolfe, (26) were found dead from gunshot wounds inside a range rover on a lane next to the A130 at Rettendon, Essex.

Today on the 20 anniversary of the Rettendon murders, Bernard O’Mahoney, a founding member of the Essex firm and author of a tell all book, reveals the truth of what happened that December night.

Damon Alvin was man with a violent history, a dishonest nature and heavy involvement in underground activities; this was an informant that many people were surprised police took seriously.

In the first case in UK history, Damon Alvin was the defendant and a prosecution witness in the same murder trial.The story itself is undeniably interesting in its attempt to reveal the supposed facts of this notorious crime.However, the documentary has many flaws of its own that made the two-hour viewing time a strenuous task.In 1990’s Essex, the underground drugs trade was ruled by ruthless individuals who would stop at nothing to gain wealth from their illegal operations.“Bernard O’Mahoney knows the real story of what happened that night and the ensuing fallout and wants to put to rest the ghosts of those violent years, to see justice served for all and finally, to open the way for the truth to come out.”In a new feature-length documentary film covering the events in the years 1995 to 2015, Essex Boys: The Truth reveals the details of the Rettendon murders and the brutal aftermath that followed.Amazon Exclusive DVD and e Book released of Essex Boys: The Final Word: No More Myths, No More Lies – The Definitive Story on 14 December 2015, followed by general DVD release on 4 January 2016 from Metrodome.It documents the drug-fuelled, bloody years that led to the tragedy, and claims to be from a perspective that’s never been shown before.