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The company has already said that Windows 10 will be free for its lifetime, and I’m not suggesting anything different, but going forward, I doubt MS simply gives up on Windows revenue.

Note: Microsoft removed the Fix It Solution Center. All Microsoft Fix It solutions can be accessed at the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center.The website does not display the fix it solutions in a comfortable way which is why all of them have been added to the list below.The Fix It logo will signal to the user that an automated solution is available.It usually consists of a file that has to be downloaded to the local computer system and executed from there.In the past, Microsoft rarely did this — you had whichever features were installed on your Service Pack or original installation, and the company only occasionally released updates for application-level functionality.

Microsoft licensing presents an complex array of programs and choices.

Each entry describes the problem and links to the fix it page at the Microsoft Support website.

Update: Microsoft has changed the layout of the Fix It website.

When Mark Hachman of PCWorld reached out to the company for confirmation, he was met with the following: “This build is the latest Windows 10 build, and we’ll continue to update Windows 10 code as we head toward launch and beyond,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said in a statement.

“We are embracing a new way to deliver Windows.”Far be it for me to contradict Microsoft, but that doesn’t seem to be what’s actually happening.

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