The adulterous woman by albert camus

In fort she experienced the mystical union of the sky and also the stars, at the end she returned to the hotel with a new awareness.Plot The story starts with the couple ‘ Marcel and Janine, there are on a business trip which they are going to Arab town for silk business.In order to expression for his own doubts and his ideas, he likes to use symbolic meaning of novels and theater plays to express his ideas and doubts.

When person look back their own life before, after understand the life’s emptiness and absurd, responsible their own re-chose a meaningful and humane life, this kind of life is existentialism philosophy are pursue by the real presence.

But when people face to their own life choices, they need courage’s cultivate, because of their choice of life is only for their own responsibility, therefore it has the pressure.

Janine looks herself still a very attractive woman although she already in a mature way and also remembers her adolescence.

The raising action of the story starts from a French soldier starts to looking at Janine.

But she feels depressed because later on there is noting happened.

The climax of the story which is Marcel and Janine decide to go to visit a fort.After three years, he was passed away in an automobile accident in 1960.(Source: Wikipedia, 2007) Brief summary The short story The Adulterous Woman describes one couple ‘ Marcel and Janine, they have been married for 25 years.Marcel is a silk business man, he ask Janine come with he for the business trip which is going to Arab town.Actually Janine does not like to go with Marcel, but eventually, course of Marcel insists her, reluctantly she decided to give her husband accompany.He seems to interest about Janine, and try to let Janine noticed about that and also when Janine starts to cough he offers Janine a lozenge.