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We have also been invted to perform at other churches. In this ministry, I learned that it is okay to show emotion through dance.

I also learned that it is okay to express your love for the Lord throuigh dance.

In the Praise Dance Ministry, children and young adults come together to dance for the Lord.We are blessed to perform our dances every fifth Sunday of the month during our regular worship service.He is currently a senior, and in the process of looking for a college to attend in the fall of 2012.Gladstone is an active member of the Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church of Brooklyn.He participates in his church's Sunday School, Youth Group and Senior Youth Choir, and often volunteers his time to help with numerous activities that take place at the church. Sometimes she is a drummer, other times she is a youth advocate and all the time she is a dancer for the Lord as a praise dancer in the Peniel Angels praise dance group as the leader.

He likes to engage in a lot of intellectual and philosophical conversations with his peers and family. Acting as a Junior Trustee, he shovels snow, makes sure doors are locked and takes pride in the upkeep of the premises. She is a senior at Boys and Girls High School and dreams of studying medicine; she has started college courses at ASA college downtown Brooklyn, in order to achieve her goals at a faster pace.I will be receiving my Associate's Degree in June 2012.My future career goals is to become a Kindergarten or First grade teacher.Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) is a young adult ministry.Each month we have meetings and share the things about the blessings of God.Joshua Generation Awards Luncheon Citation for Faithful Service Luncheons Ecumenical Service Award Dinners Testimonial Dinners Autumn 2012 Joshua Generation Awards Luncheon The 2012 Joshua Generation Awards Luncheon was held on Saturday, October 20th, at the Bishop John B.