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Default Lifecycle Executor.execute Goal(Default Lifecycle at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.Default Lifecycle Executor.execute Goal And Handle Failures(Default Lifecycle ) at org.apache.maven.lifecycle.Joined: Apr 16 2012 - am Last seen: 3 weeks 3 days ago Posted on April 18, 2012 at am Finally managed to get it working. After extracting files into %USER_HOME%\.m2\repository (same as linux), I found %USER_HOME%\.m2\repository\mondrian\mondrian.2.0-13661-JS-2 folder with the mondrian jar/pom/sha1 file also having "-JS-2" suffix.

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As part of the Jasper Reports Server source code build, you will have used the buildomatic "auto-build" ant scripts, and you will have setup your file.

The file will be found here: /buildomatic/ Next, you can build the CE Java Webapp Sample: cd /buildomatic ./js-ant build-sample-ws-app-ce After building the CE Java Webapp Sample files, you will find output in the following locations: Products Answers Exchange Docs Wiki Planet Tracker Administrators log in on the standard login page, using the following default passwords: Commercial editions: system admin: username superuser and password superuserorganization admin: username jasperadmin and password jasperadmin Community project: system admin: username jasperadmin and password jasperadmin For security reasons, always change the default administrator passwords immediately after installing Jasper Reports Server. For more information about options on the Login page and logging in with multiple organizations, see the Jasper Reports Server User Guide.

The first time you log in as an administrator, you may be prompted to opt-into the Heartbeat program.

You should also set the administrator passwords and email.

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Warnings: ----------------------- [WARNING] Some problems were encountered while building the effective model for com.jaspersoft.jasperserver:jasperserver-ws-s ample-war:war:4.5.0 [WARNING] The expression $ is deprecated. ---------------------- I tried updating pom.xml, but got the error that the file is used by other application and cannot be saved.