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Some women VOA spoke with say they do not pay attention to politics.Others say politics is just too dirty and tricky – clear signs that women are losing interest in politics.

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Chenni Xu of the Women’s Network agrees with the 30 percent target.She said Chinese women should be empowered and the barriers that deny equal treatment must be removed.But she does not think that change will come easily.She believes Chinese society puts pressure on women to stay with traditional paths.Women unfit to rule The lack of trust in women in power may have its roots in Chinese history, says Chenni Xu, a member of the Beijing Women’s Network.

She says the general public often notes the examples set by the three most powerful women in Chinese history.

But China watchers say anyone following the meetings should not expect women to be given any major positions.

A number of other Asian nations have elected women as heads of state.

Years later, however, as women fill many top positions in private businesses, China’s Communist Party is still largely a group made up of men.

Vice Premier Liu Yandong is one of a few women at the top.

“Women seem to be less interested in politics,” said a woman who identified herself as Ms. “These days, she said, women are much more apolitical than they were before the 1980s…” I’m Susan Shand.