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The solution devised entailed implementing a liquid applied membrane with reinforcing to conform to the shapes and contours of the building.Liquid membranes were also utilized at parapet tops then reusing an architectural feature unique to the building.

I started slowly to make sure I hadn’t damaged things so badly that the bike couldn’t be ridden.

It seemed fine, but by then, I was out of contention.

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.” Well, the Cat-3 was uneventful as well.

I think all 50 riders were together at the finish line, everyone getting the same time.

I could not find any room to get around or through the pack. I was aware of the break away but I also knew that these were dudes that had a pretty bad tt so was not going to chase nothing keeping Tim close to the yellow jersey occasionally reminding him not to work to hard. Not much climbing, and when there is climbing, it isn’t at a very steep pitch. Just as we were about to enter onto Greasewood from Speedway, I was third in our group and we were overtaking two riders from another group, when “BAM”! The rider could not turn and continued on, right into my path. Oh well, I was really most interested in getting a win today.

although I felt strong at the end, myself and Mike just were not in a position to get involved in a sprint. Yup, as much as I appreciate what El groupo is doing for these kids, their a real pain in the ass. 25 mph wind in our face for the sprint was a real bitch, and not being a sprinter I felt that I wanted to leave nothing on the road and I went for it hoping to lead out Tim. A huge thank to Liz and Doug for helping me get ready for my TT as I was a bit frantic getting caught behind tourist on my way to brown mountain aggress spot. Lelond for his professional water bottle handling skills and I gotta say that Giordana (excuse the spelling) was there with bottle in hand every time. I had to brake hard and was never able to regain the momentum to compete for the sprint lap. For most of the race I was in, or very close, to the front.The pilot project and phased project has been completed.ECS continues to assist the University in tackling complicated restoration efforts on the building. Rigid flashings were unsuccessfully implemented to attempt to prevent infiltration where the masonry walls curve and roll.There were also several locations where roof cores were taken exposing wet roofing material.I got into a Cavendish like sprint position and went balls the wall and had a 10 to 15 bike length lead on the field and held it till a huge gust of wind put me into reverse. Great job, this makes a huge difference having you guys there, I’ve had some serious cotton mouth before, cough cough, but this dry wind made it almost impossible to breath without your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth. After the TT Rich invited Jan and I over for some steak and potatoes and beer to refuel for the RR. Felt strong and really felt that today might be my day.