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There are also many Sicilians and people of Sicilian orgins in the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Germany who use the language.

In Sicily the majority of Sicilians are bilingual in Sicilian and Italian.

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What can be stated with certainty is that there remain pre-Indo-European words in Sicilian of an ancient Mediterranean origin, but one cannot be more precise than that.

Of the three main prehistoric groups, only the Siculi were Indo-European, and their speech is likely to have been closely related to that of the Romans (A similar qualifier can be applied to many of the words that appear in this article.

The purpose of this effort is, therefore, to rediscover what is legitimately ours within the composite synthesis of a displaced island people possessing immediate roots in the Sicilian, Italian and American historical experiences, as well as far more ancient linkages to every nation of the Mediterranean.

We seek recognition of a sense of continuity within ourselves and for that reason have chosen an ancient symbol of the Sikel people (the predominant strain in Sicily prior to its settlement by the Greeks) both to underscore the seriousness of our intent and to stamp upon the minds of our youth a sign of the antiquity of their heritage.

The term Calabro-Sicilian refers to the fact that a form of Sicilian, or a dialect closely related to Sicilian, is spoken in central and southern Calabria.

Sicilianu is the name of the language in Sicilian itself ( influence remains strongly visible, while the influences from the other groups are less obvious.We are, above all, concerned that the key to the Sicilian soul (the language of our forefathers) be preserved and studied with attentive appreciation.This design is taken from an ornamental pendant enclosing a sort of cross decoration from the Sikel civilization. It was found at San Cataldo and is part of the Adrano Hoard, the largest collection of bronze objects ever found in Sicily. ARBA SICULA is the official journal of the Sicilian- American organization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study, and promote the language and culture of Sicily.They are said to have co-existed peacefully with the Sicans although they appear to have displaced the Sicans in the eastern part of Sicily.The Elymians settled in the western Sicily, in Eryx (Erice), Segesta, and Entella.In others, feudal lords welcomed the new residents.