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Occasionally though, you might have no choice but to use one or more merged cells on a worksheet.

Move After:=Worksheets(i - 1) Next i End Sub Sub Sample2() Dim i As Long '_~[V[g} With Worksheets.

Move Before:=Worksheets(1) For i = 2 To Worksheets.

You need to track that each team member is completing their assigned task on or before the dead-line.

If any of the team member is crossing the deadline one email should be sent to that person automatically from the Outlook configured on your system or Server wherever this Excel Tracker is kept.

Name Next i 'z̗vf\[g For i = 1 To cnt For j = cnt To i Step -1 If buf(i) buf(j) Then swap = buf(i) buf(i) = buf(j) buf(j) = swap End If Next j Next i '[NV[g̈ʒuבւ Worksheets(buf(1)).

Move Before:=Worksheets(1) For i = 2 To cnt Worksheets(buf(i)).

In the example shown below, there is an order form, and space for a note about the order.

If the note will always be short, there’s no need to merge the cells – just let the text flow across the columns.

During your day time your team will be working and status will be updated by them.

In morning by AM you want that Excel Macro should go and verify all the Tasks against each one of your team member and send an email to them if they are crossing the dead-line. Save this Workbook at some Location in your system. Now Schedule this Workbook in Task Scheduler in your System.

There is also an updated version of Smallman’s code in this December 2015 blog post.] The merged cells are named Order Note, and that name will be referenced in the event code.