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Since our beginning, we have accumulated 10's of 1000's of scammers and the list is growing every day.

In order to report a scammer, you must have proof that the person has tried to or has scammed you.This proof can be in the way of emails, chat conversations, text messages, letters or anything else that proves that the scammer requested money and subsequently robbed you off your money.Scammers net millions if not billions of dollars each year world wide.IC3 reports that in 2009, Americans lost almost 560 million dollars to scams.Until a few years ago scam victims had to suffer in silence as law enforcement authorities had no idea how to help them.

However with scamming quickly turning into a global epidemic, law enforcers across the world are sitting up and taking notice.

A day we like to call Independence Day From Scammers.

Our Mission is to increase scammer awareness and warn as many people as we can.

Scam victims now have the chance to report scammers and there is a chance for the offenders to be arrested as well.

If you suspect a potential scammer or have even been scammed by someone, the first thing you need to do is cease all communication with the scammer.

Cashing bogus checks or money orders then sending that money overseas is a crime whether you are aware you are committing a crime or not.