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So a guy like Manson-- whose trajectory would have landed him nowhere but back punking and snitching on the block -- in fact rubbed elbows with big-time showbiz types, rock stars and movie producers.

Suddenly, a person that she described as a “creepy little man” came into the bedroom! The man ignored her though and wandered about the room, apparently looking for something.

Sharon put on her robe and hurried out of the bedroom.

Manson and his ragamuffin band of privileged suburban girls in the middle of their first schizophrenic breaks found themselves sheltered on a TV-set ranch, looked after by Tex Watson, a success-track frat-boy who apparently suddenly chucked it all to "find himself." Or something.

Manson quite correctly points out he never killed anyone.

She won the role in a very Rosemary's Baby-like fashion- actress Kim Novak had originally won the part but fell from a horse and couldn't complete the film. Bern met actress Jean Harlow shortly before the premiere of Hell's Angels in 1930...

The two struck up a friendship and eventually began dating.Even more coincidentally, the Process would end up moving in some of the same circles as Manson and would, like Manson, also try to recruit Terry Melcher to their cause.Sharon Tate would travel to England in 1965 to appear in Eye of the Devil, one of many occult thrillers produced in the 1960s and a kind of prototype for The Wicker Man.Lifetime convict Charles Manson quit San Francisco and made his way down the coast and eventually hooked up with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who set up recording sessions for Charlie with producer Terry Melcher.Soon, stars like Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young were coming around to check out this crazy street-freak and his largely-improvised song-poems.They announced their engagement in June 1932 and married on July 2, 1932.