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1897 Ebony walking stick with gold crown top I have an ebony walking stick that was given to a Shriner in 1897 that has a gold crown on the top. Can you please help with two pieces of inherited jewelry with hallmarks that i cannot identify?

Hallmark on Great great Aunt's gold bead necklace -mid - late 1800's This necklace belonged to my Great great Aunt Julia; she was born in the mid 1800's, was from New York and traveled to Colorado escorting my 15 year old …

Makers Mark db or Frontwards d backwards d encircled The piece is a money clip, marked STERLING & 14K above the Maker's Mark as I mentioned in the title of my post. Re: Gold Cross, Australia 19th Century - Eagle, 9 plus Anvil Thank you Yvonne for your reply.

Citrine Jewel Set Horse Adorned Filigree Seal-Birmingham Anchor but when was it made (W) ,by whom(J. Recently repaired ,as the horse feet had come off the filigree. This is an 18kt onyx, pave diamond and emerald panther ladies ring. The top of the bail is stamped 750 with a maker's mark that has two triangles on their sides with the top points touching (so that it looks a little like … Do you know what they may be the maker or designer's initials. Most of them I have been able to identify and date but these two items are a little harder … I don't believe this piece is an antique, but thought I'd ask you anyway re the 'delta' mark that I found on a gold pendant, and also on a gold chain. Free form Gold & Diamond Ring with asterisk marking..does it mean? I have an Antique Gold ring that has been passed on from my husband's aunt.

The 'jeweller' took the stone out & when resetting it covered the hallmark with gold! Hallmark with Crescent or Backwards C, Arrow, and Lily (? LD, crown symbol, 18, Anchor symbol, -- Please - can you tell me anything about this antigue GOLD RING & it's value? It is manufacturers' fitted with a spring "U" sizing mechanism on the inside of shank. I have a free form gold ring that I'm told my grandmother worked with a designer to make at some point in the 1990s. If possible we are trying to work out how old it is and approximate value? F C Co hallmarks on parasol or umbrella handle what do they mean?

The cameo depicts several horses in front of a town. Maker's Mark on Russian Ring - Latin or Russian letters?

I have beautiful ladies ring with blue enamel base on which a gold A appears under a royal family crest. I recently picked up an "antique" cameo ring (supposedly from victorian era) but the serial makes me suspicious This "antique" ring has a serial starting P&G 9 375 then 2 symbols (I could be wrong about exactly what it says as it's super tiny and I don't have a magnifying … I was recently bought an engagement ring from a reputable antiques dealers and was told that the ring was 18ct white gold with a 0.66ct diamond. initials TW inside a sort of arrow shape It was hard to get a good picture of the inside of this ring - hope you can see it.It is not a State of the Union Cross and I don't think it was made in France. Are there particular dates when the hallmark K18 was used?I recently purchased a cameo which was hand-carved on a shell.No idea about the hallmark or what the blue enamel looking material … Not rated yet I have half of a 14k white gold wedding set, the band, with three diamonds set in little engraved stars. There are two marks and the number 585 in one compartment and the number 4585 in the … Victorian Ring with C and W Hallmark Help - Anyone know designer? Not rated yet On my 18th birthday my neighbour gave me a ring and I've put it in a jewellery box for the past three years and never touched it. It has a hinged lower bar and there is a little hook that will fit in the upper part of the closure …18k yellow gold ring, six diamonds, with a blue enamel material? What does the letter x mean at the end of a hallmark? RP Before the Gold Hallmark on "old" Pendants I bought some gold pendants online that were listed as hallmarked 9ct gold. I have an old gold ring with a hallmark of a raised … MAKERS STERLING SILVER Not rated yet I found out my garage sale find says TIFFANY. TMH Hallmark Identification - 9k Earrings Not rated yet I know the 375 is 9k and I can make out the P on the right side but I can't make out the other 2 marks and I can't find anything on TMH either. I have a Diamond Ring, 14k HALLMARK: Heart in a Box Not rated yet I have a Diamond Ring, I was told it was my Grandmothers, and that is was considered "designer" for it's day, like Tiffany - but in order to find out ANYTHING … Not rated yet I recently bought this ring and didn't see the hallmarks until I got home. Not rated yet This is clearly a designer type ring - really delicate. Vintage gold bracelet with markings "GEP' which I know is gold electroplate stamped "ITALY" with hallmark of two R's joined together but first one is upside down and backwards. Not rated yet Years ago my husband inherited a pair of gold cufflinks. If your question is not directly related to Antique Gold Hallmarks Ask your question at the most appropriate forum at Jewelry Help Central... It has a green tinge to it measures just over 3 inches by … The pendant has a pyramid with just written inside and 750 below... hi i have an 18 ct gold maltese cross ring that belonged to my brother. on ones side of the clasp it's marked "Italy" on one side and there are … Hallmark "TP" inside Parallelogram on 18 karat Gold Pendant Hello: I'm trying to find out the name of the artist/jeweler who designed this pendant, approximately when it was made and any other info on the jeweler … Pendant has the following hallmarks on the back and also on the side of the bail. It has the following marks -there is a stamped 22K Followed by an indented rectangle with the initials … Hi I'm looking at a ring right now and it is 10k gold. Thank goodness you exist, there is not a lot of good hallmark info on the web. It is recessed into the spine of the gold bar of the cufflink. What does a back to back R stamp on this brooch mean? Age and origin of my great great great grandmother's wedding ring I've attached two photos of my great great great grandmother's wedding ring; we've passed it down through the family for years and never known where it … One round brooch and one little brooch with a little hidden place. "Non-Jewelry Item | Tiny Little John" 1901 | Who produced this please? it is set in a raised fashion, many small, almost like eyelet setting around the stone. Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring Hallmark | Marked "PLAT" I have a solitaire Art Deco diamond engagement ring with a hallmark I would like to know more about, so can you help me please? 375, anchor, set of scales, Hallmark identification I have inherited a ring from my Aunt which looks like a cluster of 8 diamonds with an amethyst centre stone, from what I can make out the hallmark on the …