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Here is a sample outline: It’s wise to set the order of speaking in advance and have one trustworthy person in charge of passing the mic on to its next rightful owner who can make sure the toasts wrap up in a timely manner, so the reception can move on to the next event.It will probably come as no surprise to you that many people will tell you that your toasts should start with the best man (and he should run the show), then maybe the maid of honor speaks, and then the bride’s father.

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o, you’ve realized you need to write a wedding toast, and you probably need to find the perfect quotes to really make this thing shine.Maybe you are slightly gripped with fear right now, as you think of the mix of public speaking, pressure to nail it, and the fact that you’ve waited till the last minute to write this thing. There are as many types of toasts as there are people who give them, which means that there are a lot of ways to end up with perfection. So here is the ultimate APW guide to toasts and modern etiquette, plus twenty great wedding toast quotes, for when you just need someone to say it perfectly for you.NO, the person paying the most for the wedding does not get a special toast.Paying for things does not earn you extra mic time.This may mean spelling out that while you want your dad to speak, you think your mom has something important and different to say, and you want her to speak also.

Toasts should go in an order that makes sense to you, often ending with one of the most important people in your life.

but you know, it’s kind of one of those times when you have to grin and bear it. Pick the handful of people that you want to speak, and let everyone else just come give you a drunken hug.

As someone who did exactly that during toasts, worrying that they were boring everyone, I’d strongly suggest that you try to get out of your own head for a second and really soak it in. If you have people you love that you can’t fit into the toasting order, consider having them speak the night before at your rehearsal dinner. We have a few good tutorials ontoasts: one for the maid of honor, and one for the best man.

For a long time, toasts have been mostly the province of men, and even in progressive weddings, it can be easy for the people around you to revert to traditional norms, which means a whole lot of men will speak on your behalf, and very few women.

So let’s dispense with all the bad advice that people will give you.

As a SEAL officer, Willink needed to be aggressive ("Some may even accuse me of hyperagression," he says) but he differentiated being a powerful presence to his SEAL team from being an intimidating figure.