Pros cons dating someone 10 years older tomas sonnenfeld dating website

Con: Future Reality While an intergenerational gay relationship may work for you today, what about 10, 20, or even 30 years from now?

Gay dating a different age is fun and all, but a relationship may mean serious commitment.

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Pro: Connecting on Common Ground There’s nothing more exciting than basing a relationship on common ground instead of age.Ignore the judgment of friends and allow them to bask in your amazing relationship.Pro: Invigorate and Energize Your Life There’s nothing more exciting than finding a strong connection with somebody.By dating outside your age, you’re liable to find somebody with vastly different experiences and opinions than yours.If you’re younger and seeking a sugar daddy, your gay relationship is likely not going to work.

If you’re older and seeing a young servant, again, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it passed a few dates.

Con: Society’s Judgment Society loves to wag their finger and place judgment.

This definitely applies to intergenerational relationships. They see two men in a gay relationship that are clearly not the same age and begin to make and/or think various rude comments.

Show everyone that you’re not willing to settle for another failed gay dating adventure.

Pick up that person at the bar that’s nothing like what you’ve gone for before.

For example, the younger is the submissive one and the older is the dominant one.