Pranzo di ferragosto online dating

If you want to get in touch with one of your matches, we’ll help you choose the subscription that’s right for you. We understand that sometimes people have concerns over sharing details online, however, our state-of-the-art website security keeps the nice people in and the bad people out.

We take every opportunity to ensure you have full control over your information and how others see it.

We’re not just here as a gateway to show you a load of profiles.We’re here to help you find someone you are highly compatible with.The story is very simple: Gianni, a middle-aged Roman who lives with his mother in an old Trastevere apartment, is first kind of "blackmailed" by his landlord to take the the latter's mother at his home for the Italian midsummer holiday.He gets more than he bargained for when the mother is accompanied by an unannounced aunt and when later his doctor also asks him to take his mother, in addition to Gianni's own mamma, of course.Each of the old ladies has her own personality, quirks, preferences, etc.

and Gianni will have to do his best to keep them all happy.

Online dating sites have become popular platforms for people to look for potential romantic partners.

It is important to understand users' dating preferences in order to make better recommendations on potential dates.

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Gianni is a middle-aged man living in Rome with his imposing and demanding elderly mother.

They want something more: a meaningful relationship is often the aim, and that’s where we can help.