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heck the pulse of the most compelling transformation of the New Europe.It’s easy to forget, just 20 years on, that Czechoslovakia emerged from the fall of the Iron Curtain with a once-jailed dissident as president, inspiring the world.

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Beer is a staple in the city, with brewing taking place as early as the 13th century.Beer is such a staple in Prague's culture, in fact, that there’s a museum dedicated to the drink and a beer spa where you can relax with alcohol in an entirely new way.Soviet agents, German militants, Habsburg colonists and Iron Age Slavic hordes all were drawn to the Golden City.This bend of the north-flowing Vltava has, despite its long, gray winters, pulled in wanderers with some unseen but immutable force.Although the clock falls in third place when it comes to oldest astronomical clocks in the world, it is the oldest still working.

A grim legend surrounds the intricate timekeeper: If it’s neglected, doom will supposedly befall the city.

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Wintertime in Prague can be quite brutal and snowy, but if you go in the warmer months, you can really take advantage of the discoveries that wandering (via foot or boat) provides.

Summer months have an average high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with cooler nights.

The cobblestone squares and spiking gothic architecture make you feel immersed in a classic fairy tale, when witches cursed princesses to sleep and Sundays were spent buying groceries from pushcarts with a wicker basket in tow.