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Internal and external flaws didn't bother me as long as the girl was nice. Am I a flawed, immoral, judgmental pig, who just refuses to grow up, or am I living my life in a manner that makes me truly happy, despite some of the imperfections I may have? Joshua Pompey has been providing online dating advice to men and women all over the world since 2009 at a success rate of over ninety nine percent. I was beyond grateful if a woman would even talk to me. So the question is, has online dating turned me into a horrible person?At the risk of sounding arrogant, for the past five years there has been no shortage of women in my life. Interested in blogging for a future edition of TED Weekends?

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With every email that came my way, an inevitable rush quickly followed. An all-consuming, not paying attention to anything else in my life addiction.As I went out with beautiful women night after night, almost no woman ever made it past the first few dates.Not that one can blame men for arranging such a common and unoriginal date.With the amount of serial dating women out there, it would be a fools errand to waste valuable money and time planning something more creative. One doesn’t even have to wait any longer than the walk to his or her car before whipping a smart phone out and responding to new potential dates.—–It seems like just yesterday that I was nothing more than a serial dating machine.

Day after day my inbox would fill up with more emails then I could possibly respond to.

Stick me in a bar to meet women and I'm likely to freeze up and falter. Like a well-oiled machine, I repeat the same mindless process week after week, and then reap the same amazing rewards.

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As a man who is now in a fulfilling monogamous relationship, I can’t lie and say I didn’t love this period of my life.

Nor do I see anything wrong with dating as many women as a man sees fit.

But then there are other times where I think to myself, what is wrong with living a life that is so exciting? And truth be told, I'm even honest about my intentions with any woman that I spend more than one date with.