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My mother and mother-in-law were extremely supportive when I announced that I wanted to start designing on a commercial basis.

She sublimated her deep loss in intricate embroidery and craftsmanship.Even as she ached with loneliness, she dressed countless brides in fairytale ensembles dotted profusely with the symbol of love the rose.Her fondness for roses is well known and roses have almost become the leitmotif of her designs. But this love for roses has turned into a Catch 22 situation for me if I do roses, the critics pan me and if I dont do roses my clients shun me, she chuckles.Her designs are infl uenced by the classic antique textiles, museums, paintings and pure fabrics.She also participated regularly in the Dusseldorf Fair and acquired an agent in Germany to handle all export orders in Europe.

Pallavi was also one of the fi rst designers in India, who realised the need for a prt line and began retailing her prt line in khadi and mulmul at the store Inter Plaza.The fashion fraternity watched spellbound as Pallavi Jaikishan, completing 40 years in the industry, showcased her creations at the recently concluded Lakm Fashion Week for the very first time.The veteran designer, revered for her intricate embroidery, relives her design journey in a freewheeling conversation with Jayashree Menon Text by Jayashree Menon When comely Pallavi Mariwala, all of 19 years, eloped with composer Jaikishan (part of the famed Shankar-Jaikishan duo) it created quite a ruckus in her upper crust business family.This year, even as Pallavi now the doting grandmother of six celebrates 40 years of her design journey, she is still very much a romantic at heart as romantic as the teenager who braved her familys wrath to tie the knot with the man of her dreams.Pallavi remembers the wonderfully hectic life she led as the wife of a much-feted music director and mother of three children Chetan, Yogesh and Bhairavi. there would be music sittings, producers and lyricists would drop in, and this would go on till late at night.Eight years and 12 days of our marriage..he was gone, she says softly. When my children came from school they would see me crying and it affected them.