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They are aided by Lockdown, a Cybertronian bounty hunter working for the Creators, who promises to give Attinger a Seed if his division manages to capture Optimus Prime.Cemetery Wind locates Ratchet in Mexico City and Lockdown kills him when he refuses to give up Optimus' whereabouts.

The film featured two unknown Autobots that transformed into a black and blue 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (going by production name "Drift"), and a green 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray concept (going by production name "Slingshot").

Also revealed was a truck from Western Star Trucks as Optimus Prime's new alternate mode.

S government to terminate all human-Autobot joint programs.

Although the public believes that the Autobots have been granted sanctuary, they are actually being hunted by a CIA black ops division known as Cemetery Wind led by opportunistic government official Harold Attinger, who believes that all Transformers should be exterminated regardless of faction.

They hijack a smaller ship, containing a number of other Autobots called the Dinobots, just before Lockdown leaves Earth. Optimus decides the Autobots should no longer help humans since they revived Megatron, but Cade convinces Optimus to not lose faith in them. During the fight, Optimus forms an alliance with the Dinobots, who help them fight the drones while Bumblebee kills Stinger.

The Autobots reveal to Cade that Galvatron is, in fact, Megatron, who transferred his consciousness into the Galvatron drone after K. Back at the facility, Megatron reactivates himself and takes control of the K. Lockdown returns to recapture Optimus and the Dinobots, using a large magnet in his ship that picks up and drops metal objects, causing destruction to the city.

Cade, Bumblebee, Tessa and Shane fight Lockdown, with Cade ending up fighting Lockdown one-on-one while Tessa and Shane use a tow truck to free Optimus, who kills Lockdown, and uses one of his grenades to finish off the remaining drones.

Now the only surviving drone, Megatron retreats, vowing to return.

Lockdown then arrives and abducts Optimus while Galvatron and Stinger retreat; Tessa is inadvertently captured as well. drones to conquer the world, by detonating the Seed in Hong Kong, as K. Cade informs Joshua of Megatron's presence, causing him to have a change of heart and agreeing to hand over the Seed with help from Darcy and his Chinese business associate Su Yueming.

While Lockdown's large prison spacecraft hovers over Chicago to hand over the Seed, Cade, Shane, and the Autobots use this opportunity to sneak on board and rescue Optimus and Tessa. They realize that Megatron is plotting to use the Seed and the K. Meanwhile, Lockdown finds out about Optimus's escape and returns to Earth to retrieve him and the Dinobots. A battle breaks out in Hong Kong's streets between Cade's group, the Autobots, Cemetery Wind, Megatron, and his drones.

Attinger forces Joshua to deploy Galvatron and Stinger to attack the Autobots.