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The chronic condition behind swollen lips, known as orofacial granulomatosis (OFG), is an inflammatory disorder that often presents on its own.

NHS Choices, the website designed to give the British public information, doesn't list the condition as a sign of Crohn's disease.

The long-term, often debilitating condition causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system.

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However, a gastroenterologist has now revealed there is a little known sign that many people may be unaware of.Swollen lips could highlight the agonising bowel condition, says Dr Rishi Goel, a consultant at Kingston Hospital, London.Almost always I have got the delivery within a day despite the medicine being not so commonly available (Pentasa 1mg sachets). Save On is the online pharmacy of choice in India..When looking for an online pharmacy, we want a pharmacy that is trustworthy and reliable.The video quality was great and the comfort of our house helped a lot in discussing our issues openly with the psychologist. I have been ordering medicine for a chronic stomach problem for last 3 - 4 months through SOM.

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A woman thought she was suffering from a serious bowel disease for six years before doctors discovered a Heinz sauce sachet piercing the wall of her small intestine.

The 41-year-old unnamed patient suffered bouts of acute abdominal pain and bloating lasting up to three days – prompting doctors to diagnose her symptoms as Crohn's disease.

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