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I've been to the dances, so I can "run them down" if I want.

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It is not fair to any group and as I said we are all singles and it is a place to so and have a good time dance and have a few drinks and also a meal at midnight Just Jacks I have not ever scene you at one so I am not to sure how you can run them down as POF members go there and they have a good time and also that is one of the places they go for New YEars as you can still talk and not have a bunch of drunks around and have to stand like in a bar which is a meat market the bars that is Well I'm not sure by what you mean by 'I have not ever scene you at one ...' because bad grammar filters past my pea brain.Also, being strangers, it's more than likely you haven't noticed me.Relationship status was part of the entire social networking experience, not the main focus.That made people relax about meeting someone online, and without their even knowing it, they found themselves paying more attention to that relationship status.and for the Winnipeg trip well they deleted it so missing link did not get enough people out there to go.

and I am thinking of setting up a kareokee night in the south end of the city I wonder if something can be put together where, say, we just meet at say, Wascana Park.

For questions about the Event email , your Regina Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call .

As anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows, Pope Francis is in America now for the World Meeting of Families.

I know of the group contemporary singles and they do have a dress code and they do not just have 50....

It is a good time for those who are not into the big party / bar scene it is a relaxed and laid back atmospher ..yes there is a web site it is posted under the regina contemporary singles at that so no offence but unless you attend one of these dances don't knock then....

Location/Date/Time/Theme/Age Groups/Costs/Dress Codes and so on. Events can be planned on any thread, but once one has been planned out, it needs to be place in a events forum. There'd be nothing better than getting away from the bloody computer.