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Which Rules have you had the toughest time following in your own current or past dating lives?

Given all the progress women have made financially, professionally and otherwise, why is “playing hard to get” still so effective in keeping men interested? It’s effective because we are telling women not to chase men, be too needy or text men two or three times in a row (e.g. ”) because it reeks of desperation, low self-esteem, and a lack of boundaries. We’re feminists, and most of our readers and clients are attractive, smart and successful.They realize that they can’t chase after a man like they would a job, condo or particular lifestyle. Most men are turned off by such intensity (or they’re initially flattered), but then they lose interest — you know, those men who seem to drop off the face of the Earth or vanish out of nowhere.: a best-selling dating book by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider that urged women to never call a man, talk too much, or accept a last-minute date.Women everywhere claimed that following the book’s advice kept men in hot pursuit.Also, try to end everything first (“get out of there,” as we like to say) as if you were on your way out the door to the gym or a party; that way, a guy has to ask you out in order to really connect with you.

Ellen: An even bigger mistake is when women say they want to “take a break” from online dating.

We encourage women to stay the course and not take down their profiles until they are exclusive and marriage-bound with a partner — i.e., the guy says “I’m taking down my profile and don’t want to see anyone else,” and you feel the exactly same way.

Then you can cancel your subscriptions and pop open the champagne bottle. What’s the biggest dating mistake that men make today? They chase the women they want, and ignore the ones they don’t want.

So after being exposed to so many emails, texts, status updates, tweets and wall posts, “the hot woman” a man initially checked out online is suddenly not quite so hot anymore… Ellen: We teach women the new secrets to dating successfully: how to seem mysterious and busy in an era of texting, Facebook, Skype, IMs, Face Time and Twitter.

It’s empowering to be busy and have a full life and not make a man the focus of your whole life, to not drop your friends, family and hobbies for a very last-minute date, or turn yourself into a nervous wreck by texting a man all day long just to make sure that he still likes you.

They take down their profiles after six months because they’re embarrassed that the men they’ve dated can see they’re still single, or because a coworker might see their ad, or they just get tired of all the emails and first dates that don’t go anywhere.