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"It has grown so much and I think the family is a little overwhelmed with the support."The Risners spent part of the evening having a private Christmas dinner as a family, as members of the community enjoyed carols, Christmas lights and decorations outside.

"I really wanted them to get that intimate feeling of Christmas, and I think they've had that," Freund said.

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T1 Shopper is a pending registered trademark in the USA and Canada.Barrett and the rest of Christian's day care friends put together a slideshow which was shown after the silent auction had closed for the evening.The slideshow featured photos and videos of Christian with his friends.I think it's a wonderful thing that so many people are here to see him."Barrett said the little boy she knows is always smiling and happy, even on his bad days."He's just wonderful," she said. Barrett said her 1-year-old daughter Carsyn spends a lot of time with Christian every day."He and Carsyn spend most of their days snuggled up on the couch watching TV," she said. He's just a very, very happy boy." Barrett said she knows how hard is it for the Risners to go to work every day, and they work hard to make sure Christian is comfortable so they have one less worry on their minds."The most heartbreaking thing for me is knowing that he can't be at home with his parents," she said.