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“A week of intense togetherness cranking out sketches, pulling all-nighters, rehearsing, cracking jokes in the hallway — topped off by the rush of a live show and the adrenaline high of the after-party. The film stars Bateman as a 40-year old who suddenly gets his allowance cut off by his parents.

PHOTOS: JASON SUDEIKIS AND OLIVIA WILDE It’s the comedian’s everyman demeanor that’s catapulted him to the role of boyfriend to the stars.

Sudeikis moved to New York from his home state of Kansas in 2003 with then-girlfriend Kay Cannon, who became a writer and producer for “30 Rock,” when he scored a behind-the-scenes writing job on “SNL.” The couple married in 2004, and Sudeikis graduated to full cast member on the show in 2006.

“He’s a nice, normal guy from Kansas who plays basketball, and his job is to be hilarious and entertaining,” said Rachel Sklar, who has hung out with “SNL” cast members and written extensively about the show.

“He doesn’t trash hotel rooms or make sloppy drunk scenes at celebrity hangouts.

If you’ve ever wondered how Jason Sudeikis won Olivia Wilde’s heart, an interview on “The Howard Stern Show” is for you. I was like ‘Did Jason Sudeikis die, ’cause I don’t have any texts? Wilde didn’t give a date but said, “We want more kids.

Wilde said Sudeikis played a classic “long game.” “It was kind of sweet,” she said of her fiance, who grew up in Overland Park. He just knew how to get me on the hook.” The actress told Stern she met Sudeikis at a “Saturday Night Live” after-party where she was swaying on the dance floor by herself. ’” When he did text, she said, it was “witty and perfectly timed.” And when he ultimately kissed her? I can’t wait to have more.” Maybe Sudeikis is playing the long game on their wedding, too.

This once rich man moves in with his friend, but the two become distracted by wooing a character played by Olivia Wilde.

By the looks of things, you can probably fill in the blanks from there.

Sounds like boyfriend material to me.” The job doesn’t hurt, either.

“ ‘SNL’ would be a great place to meet someone,” said Sklar.

The 32-year-old actress explained that their first encounter was at an SNL after afterparty back in 2011.