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For example, some people are not able to throw away any receipts, financial documents, or old newspapers. For example, you might start off with washing your hands compulsively but later develop excessive checking behaviours and actually stop compulsive washing altogether.

Everyone has thoughts that are upsetting or do not make a lot of sense from time to time, this is normal.

Rituals may including having a specific order you have to follow (e.g.

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Adults with this compulsion will sometimes arrange things until it "feels right".

Some will do it to prevent bad things from happening; for example, "If I don't arrange all the books and magazines in the house so that they face east, then someone in my family will die." These are compulsions that are performed in your head. Some adults with OCD are afraid that they have done or thought something "bad", and therefore feel a strong urge to confess all of their thoughts to friends or family (for example, telling a loved one that "I just had a thought about pushing someone into the street").

For example, "If I don't make sure that the door is locked at night, the apartment might get broken into and I might be robbed and murdered", "If I don't immediately change out of my work clothes and wash them with bleach, I might bring outside germs home and cause my whole family to be sick." Adults with this obsession feel a need to have objects placed in a certain order or position or tasks or events to be completed in a set way.

For example, "I need to sort all my clothes by colour and have them face the same direction. "; "I just scratched my right arm twice and now I need to (e.g.

These behaviours are performed in an attempt to stop something bad from happening.

However, repeated checking often makes people feel even less sure that they have successfully prevented the bad event from happening.This seemed harmless, and even a little cute and quirky to the preschool teachers and her parents.However, this pattern quickly expanded to other areas such as wearing two shirts and opting for pants and shorts as there are two legs, never a skirt or dress, and brushing her teeth in even strokes, and watching TV shows in sets of 2 or 4.However, these behaviours are not always compulsions.Debbie starts grade one in a few weeks, and Debbie’s mom is starting to feel concerned about her daughter's "odd" behaviors.Although it didn’t seem to impact Debbie very much in school last year, summer camp has been challenging.