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Sometimes it feels like New York is home to as many dating apps as people.

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Hinge keeps it simple— at least from a user's perspective.

Everyday they’ll send you some potential matches you can look through.

Here are the digital matchmakers who have offices in New York City: Grouper is all about group dates.

The app connects two groups of three friends for a date.

If San Francisco men want more women in their city, they should hire them at their tech companies.

We offer Long Island Singles events and Speed Dating NYC in addition to concerts, ,shows and more.They also run a dating agency that will work with a select group of eligible users looking for one-on-one dating advice. When a female friend and I took a road trip through the American West last year, we did not deliberately chart a course through several states—Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah—that are known for their surplus of male residents. We’d seen the unintentionally erotic 1990s Chevrolet commercials.D., where he’d moved to find back-breaking but lucrative work. I told him I was going to import from Indiana because there’s nothing here.” Meanwhile, local women in Williston told the they felt harassed by the influx of men who were trolling the city for sex and were empowered by its hypermasculine environment to do so less than politely—like by offering women money to come to their homes to take off their clothes and serve them beers.Notably, all of these “solutions” require women to decamp from their female-friendly hometowns—where they have found work and built lives—to seek out men who, I guess, are too busy doing their man business to hop on a flight to ladytown.If you’re feeling spunky, you can fire up the app and find an event near you.