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Toyota sought to enhance the drivability pattern of the engine (over the 3VZ) at exactly 3000 rpm, since that was the typical engine speed for motors cruising on the highway.

The result was less cylinder distortion coupled with the decreased weight of rotating assemblies, smoother operation at that engine speed, and increased engine efficiency.

Below I will share my perspective and experiences with the platform simply to provide insight to those who want it.

Clean car with a/c, p/s, alarm/immob, leather seats,cruise control,new tyres all round with refurbished rims.

Engine and gearbox 100%, car does not consume oil or water and pulls very strong and easily manages 200km/h.

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The Toyota MZ engine family is a V6 piston engine series.

The MZ series has an aluminium engine block and aluminium alloy DOHC cylinder heads.Previous MZs had poor knock control, or perhaps oversensitivity when detecting knock, and power loss up to 20 hp (15 k W) may be realized due to erratic ignition timing when using an octane lower than 91.The new flat-type knock sensor is a completely different design and detects more frequencies than the traditional resonator type. A bolt goes through the center of the knock sensor, which then mates the sensor to the block on each bank.We were involved with various online communities through message boards and forums.We engaged with hip hop heads on,,, and poetry forums such as Floetix.Early versions of the VVT-i 1MZ used a dual throttle body, cast aluminum intake manifold, and EGR block off plates on the exhaust manifolds.