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The final section consisted of unnumbered pages with drawings of bottle shapes, finishes, and manufacturers marks. It has exceptional historical information on all of the major producers in one of the most significant 19th and 20th century glass making regions.These are detailed and include heel marks along with numbers and letters accompanying the marks, themselves. Largest listing of Western American liquor bottles. The book is profusely illustrated with hundreds of photos and other illustrations of various types of bottles and glass, advertising from the companies, patents for bottle designs and machines, and much, much more. (Ohio) Great turn of the century bottle makers catalog which is very rare and never reprinted.

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I postponed citing the study in hopes of its publication, but it is time the work became more publicly known. The first of these, 60 pages in length, dealt with the history, variations, and manufacturing techniques pertinent to beer bottles.

This section was well presented and is a must-read for anyone researching beer bottles.

For example, where Toulouse offered only two possible companies for the use of the M. Of great importance, the authors included specific citations for their sources.

This is most helpful in any serious study of marks. This recent work on Zanesville (Ohio) glass manufacturers is monumental in scope.

The second section (pages 1-44 plus five unnumbered pages) discussed specific manufacturing companies and the marks they used.

The authors chose to present the information alphabetically by company instead of by mark.(This may just be a function of the Bellaire catalog being more limited in scope than the bigger IGCo.) The Bellaire catalog does include wide mouth machine made bottles, which were certainly made with a semi-automatic machine which are first offered in the 1906 IGCo. It is currently (late 2017) available from the publisher (LCoast, Amazon and likely other sources.1912 (first edition undated, second edition dated). As implied by the subtitle of this book, the AMA was a strong - and successful - advocate for control and regulation of the patent medicine industry in the early 20. Nostrums and Quackery Articles on the Nostrum Evil, Quackery and Allied Matters Affecting the Public Health; Reprinted, With or Without Modifications from The Journal of the American Medical Association. A printable pdf file on the revolutionary Owens Automatic Bottle Machine used to be available on the ASME website, though as of this writing (late 2011) the file appears to be removed and only this short overview is available: The Little Rhody Bottle Club, Cranston, R. Mostly a listing of known bottles from Rhode Island with some illustrations, but does have an excellent research (historical information) section in the back covering a lot of RI companies including some with national distribution like Davis Pain Killer and Rumford Chemical Works.. This work is still pending publication revised, updated, and annotated with footnotes by Bill Lockhart and Bill Lindsey - by the Arizona State Museum.Nostrums and Quackery Articles on the Nostrum Evil and Quackery Reprinted from The Journal of the American Medical Association. This unpublished manuscript is beyond a doubt the best and most comprehensive study of beer bottles that has been undertaken to date.This section is helpful but is not referenced to the second section. Although primarily a listing and price guide, it does contain date estimates for all the bottles that appear to be quite accurate as the late Mr. It also includes the scanned and reprinted pages from the 1908 (approx.) catalog of the Kearns-Gorsuch Bottle Company which compliments the 1916-1917 catalog found (or soon to be) on this website. The catalog is undated, though there are several hints that support a 1905-1910 age based on a comparison between the 1903-04, 1906, 1908, and 1911 Illinois Glass Company (IGCo) catalogs.