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We know how to get the party started and keep it moving with our unique mixes, blends, and playing the right song at just the right time.

We bring a wealth of large nightclub and bar experiences in tow, with the skills to match.

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REACH is a non-profit developer dedicated to lowering overall living costs for the residents in their housing.

In REACH’s view, delivering truly affordable housing means delivering housing that places a minimal burden on the finances of low-income families by keeping utility costs as low as possible.

The three-story wood-framed building sits on a slab-on-grade foundation (see Image #1, above).

Typical exterior walls have 2x10 framing with blown-in fiberglass cavity insulation and 1 1/2-inch-thick rigid mineral wool exterior insulation (see Image #7, below).

Although in terms of energy-efficient design, the building form is not optimal — either from an orientation or massing standpoint — the L shape was required to meet urban design guidelines in the Orenco Station district of Hillsboro.