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We know it can be hard to keep up with the headlines when you’re away from the Hilltop, so we here at 4E have compiled a convenient list of the most important things to happen this summer (so far).

Take a break from songs on i Tunes after Taylor took all her music off of Spotify back in 2014 (full disclosure: “Shake It Off” is my anthem.

Although China has not announced economic sanctions against Japan, but a series of counter-measures have had an impact to the Japanese automotive industry, aviation, tourism and high depe When the initial hustle and bustle slowly calm down, cool thinking also began to emerge.

Deutsche newspaper published an article on the 19th that serious war crimes in Japan has long been forgotten, and no one is aware of Japan to bear the historical guilt, at the same time, very few people know, China's claim to sovereignty over the louis vuitton purses outlet Diaoyu Islands is really necessary to take seriously argument.

Josh Peck Didn’t Invite Drake Bell to His Wedding This one is by far the saddest moment of the summer and possibly even the saddest thing to happen to anyone ever.

Josh did not invite the other half of “Drake and Josh: to his wedding. We may never know what exactly spurred the saddest breakup since the Jonas Brothers disbanded, but we can only hope that these two “brothas” will eventually move beyond this tragedy and hug it out.

Indeed, watching from afar analysis, when it comes to the root cause.

On the surface, the Diaoyu Islandyou with simple criticism and praise about certain objects.

In other words, Taylor Swift has taken the definition of “petty” to a whole new level this summer.

Beyoncé Had Twins As expected, Beyoncé gave birth to twins and continued her reign of ruling the universe that began way back in 1999 upon the release of “Say My Name.” While pictures of her twins have not yet been released at the time of this publication, we can confirm that they will undoubtedly be cooler and more stylish than I could ever hope to be, as evidenced by the fact that their older sister Blue Ivy is already way ahead of me in terms of both coolness and style.

For those of you who are over the age of 23 and/or those of you who somehow don’t spend every waking moment staring at your phone, here is ’s official definition to help you better understand: “The Floor Is…

refers to an exploitable two-panel photo series featuring a person avoiding the floor, as they would in The Floor is Lava/Hot Lava Game.

Indeed, watching from afar analysis, when itcheap coach handbags comes to the root cause.