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“I like variety and a more wild sex life than I’ve been able to enjoy with relationship partners." While women tend to cheat once, guys of all ages are twice as likely to be serial offenders. They might be looking for a sexual outlet without the expectation of continuity,” says Sandra Leiblum, director of the Center for Sexual and Relational Health at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, N. “And once you satisfy the itch, it recurs.” A gender split between sexual and emotional drivers can also be seen in attitudes toward wandering partners.Women say they would be more upset if their partner fell in love with someone else than if their partner had sex with that person (65 percent, compared to 47 percent of men), but men say they’d be more distressed by their partner having a sexual affair than falling in love (53 percent, compared to 35 percent of women).

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Smith, director of the General Social Survey for the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.Smith conducted the highly respected study “American Sexual Behavior,” a poll of 10,000 people over two decades."We think everybody is out there doing it," says Janet Lever, a sociologist at California State University, Los Angeles, and the study's lead researcher."Well, they're not." In fact, the rate of cheating has stayed pretty consistent, according to research expert Tom W.The survey did find some common scenarios, however.

Cheating tends to happen well into the relationship — especially in the three- to five-year zone — by a man who is dissatisfied with his sex life or a woman who feels emotionally deprived.

About one in five adults in monogamous relationships, or 22 percent, have cheated on their current partner. And nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives, according to the results of the Village Lust, Love & Loyalty survey.

More than 70,000 adults completed the online reader survey in February, answering about 30 questions that revealed their intimate feelings about adultery and what makes them stray or stay faithful.

The study found that 22 percent of married men and 15 percent of married women have cheated at least once — similar to the results from the Village survey.

Still, much of this depends on your definition of cheating.

The new lover is most often a friend or co-worker, and the typical fling lasts less than a week.