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So I have, like, five or six weeks to edit the whole movie.

Normally, I’ve had 14 weeks for any of my films so far.

Being caught on camera talking getting touchy-feely with her co-host didn’t put Rebecca off getting any closer to Mark, as they were caught again flirting on live TV.Discussing a fan who had a tattoo of swimmer Michael Phelps tattooed on his chest, Mark then joked that Their cosy relationship hasn't come to a close since leaving the Olympic games, and they've only added more fuel to the romance rumour fire.‘In the old Bond films, it was clear who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. I feel like Mathieu looks so sympathetic and normal, the type you can’t see right away is the villain.’Again, talk turns to time – and the lack of it.‘I wish we would have more time to craft the film properly,’ he regrets.At the GQ awards on Tuesday September 6, they turned up to the event together, walking the carpet arm in arm.

But they didn’t just enjoy each other’s company at the event itself, as Rebecca and Mark were snapped heading home in the same taxi.And, indeed, Forster’s project is temporary: in two weeks’ time he must deliver a first edit of ‘Quantum of Solace’, the twenty-second official Bond film, to his paymasters and keepers of the Bond flame, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, daughter and stepson of the original Bond producer, Cubby Broccoli.No wonder Forster is a man with his eye on the clock.‘I have way too little time to edit,’ he says calmly and frankly.Despite all the flirting, divorcee Rebecca has denied finding love again in the silver fox.She told the Press Association: “We laugh about it. We've been friends for 10 years.” Mark has also brushed off romance queries, writing in the Evening Standard previously: "It’s been funny the attention we’ve been getting at the BBC with people remarking on Becky touching my leg.Dave Calhoun catches up with Marc Forster, the director of 'Quantum of Solace', as, in a race against time worthy of his fictional subject, he strives to finish editing the latest in the James Bond 007 spy franchise Marc Forster, the slim, suave, German director of the new James Bond movie, is holed up in his bunker-style headquarters in Soho.