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Too many people presume they are right and don’t listen to other points of view.

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It may be controversial to say it, but there is no job more important than being an entrepreneur.

When you analyze everything about the world and all the improvements that get made, almost without exception, it is an entrepreneur that has made them.

Auktion & Markt AG is a medium size, owner-operated company.

Its core business is the marketing of used vehicles throughout Europe in online and live auctions.

Most people who behave in this autocratic way get their comeuppance.

I know I am not better than anyone else, so I take a different road.

Making lists is both a way of remembering things and of ticking off achievements to make progress.

Without notes and follow-ups, chances are nothing would get done.

Further you can look forward to our regularly open auctions with cars and motorbikes from BMW Bank Gmb H and with BMWs from Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement Gmb H.

Auction dates: Afternoons every Tuesday, 2.00 pm Mornings every Friday, 10.00 am With its brand, Auktion & Markt AG is one of the leading used vehicle marketers in Europe.

I consider myself a good listener and apportion a good deal of my success—not to mention my marriage—to this.