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On the 13th of May 2016, the House of Representatives enacted the Civil Code (Amendment No.3) Act.

The Act provides for the designation of territory and property within the Maltese Islands as public domain.

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I want to thank OSM for the nice cooperation and looking forward to organise the classical music tours for 2016.

With the latest technology when it comes to diesel engines, our fleet is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Choosing a DMC to work with for the 2014 JCI European Conference was a good decision and choosing Onsite proved to be imperative to the success of our conference.

The Onsite team lead by Ms Helga Ebejer was truly dedicated, professional and committed. The advice and support that we were given throughout the entire process starting from a year in advance was priceless and helped us make sure that we gave the best experience to our delegates.

Click here for more information Besides having low emissions, all our buses are low floor with easy access for anyone with wheelchairs and pushchairs with priority seating for those in need.

We have audio and visual systems announcing the next bus stop on every bus.Whether it be your fellow partners/suppliers, your agency clients or the lucky participants …genuine smiles on all the faces are the true expression of you reaching your goal, each time we are setting foot on your island.Thank you is not a word big enough to express my gratitude for all you have been doing over the past 3 days.All of you are super professionals, reliable and trustworthy but above all, all of you are beautiful people with a big, big heart and loads of passion serving one single goal: spread happiness around you.Almost every year we visit the Baroque Festival in Valletta in January and the Opera Festival in March.