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https:// And here is Huawei's announcement of its...I have to agree - I travel a lot to the US and internet connectivity is poor at best in most areas.Focus on backward compatibility and quality are so low in Ixia, just that proper alternate vendor is not there, Ixia is enjoying monopoly. Using Ixia equipment is a curse due to quality issues.

Those 1,700 strand fiber cables will support fixed 5G and business services in metro areas creating a...I think it is pretty safe to assume that Verizon will land STRP's trove of 39 ghz and ATT will land Fibertower's trove of 24 and 39 ghz.ATT and Verizon have the resources(Cash, Infrastructure, and Customer Base)...It's incredible and I must say storage is still probably the major cost factor in Video world (excluding the content costs of course).Essentially, a Tax Cut adds money to the company below the EBITDA line. I think there will be an ongoing trend for greater fiber buildout for business customers and mobile services.

I think the larger telcos have given up on residential buildouts and plan to compete for consumer...Otherwise most [email protected]: Indeed, this is what I am already seeing...despite the fact that additional protocols are still a year or two away.And yet there seems to be analyst disparity here about what the new 5G NR standards mean for the..."The first is that is that it tells exactly the same more-bandwidth-for-your-buck story as 3G and 4G did previously -- only with less purpose.Trump to Pai to FCC paving the way for ATT and Verizon to really push a true 5G and...Using Ixia equipment is a curse due to quality issues.The Future of Virtualization Index project provides CSPs with a clear and concise set of benchmarks to measure their progress in the migration to virtualized networks using a series of surveys involving more than three dozen of the world's most important CSPs.