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This specification describes the FOAF language, defined as a dictionary of named properties and classes using W3C's RDF technology.FOAF is a project devoted to linking people and information using the Web.

A historical backlog of known technical issues is acknowledged, and available for discussion on the FOAF mailing list.Proposals for resolving these issues are welcomed, on foaf-dev.FOAF collects a variety of terms; some describe people, some groups, some documents.Different kinds of application can use or ignore different parts of FOAF. If only your chosen Mistress had been available immediately – it’s this waiting that’s killing you!

They did say it would be about half an hour so why are you fretting? FOAF does not compete with socially-oriented Web sites; rather it provides an approach in which different sites can tell different parts of the larger story, and by which users can retain some control over their information in a non-proprietary format.FOAF has been evolving gradually since its creation in mid-2000.These lists contain basic information: the extension, the name of the program it works with, the specific function of the file, and the company that makes the program. Click on the extension of interest to see the detail page for that extension. Has it really only been a few seconds since you last looked? The FOAF RDF namespace URI, by contrast, is fixed and its identifier is not expected to change.