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Kate was feeling pretty good about their progress but wondered if she'd survive the heat once it really warmed up for the day.

Jessica must have been thinking along the same lines. " Jessica glanced through the checklist and nodded.

Kate realised she was staring, her mouth somewhat dry, and bent to take a swig from her own water bottle. Veritably ancient," Kate replied, shaking her head and wishing she were indeed still 32.Settle down, she told herself firmly - she's much too young for you. "I have plenty of friends in their 30's," Jessica told her.It only extended to her upper back, so the process was rather quick.Even so, Kate was very conscious of Jessica's fingers gently stroking her scalp, her warm breath on her neck, and possibly the brush of her small breasts against Kate's back. Despite the heat, Kate felt her nipples harden and tried to focus her thoughts on something other than how strong Jessica's hands were and how they might feel on other parts of her body.Thanks to Lancerlott for his kind editing ***** "Remind me again which knot we use for this?

" Kate asked, frowning slightly at the rope in her hands. " A strand of Jessica's bright red hair had come loose from her long braid and she absently tucked it behind her ear.Most of the volunteers had slept in the bunk beds inside last night and the two older women who worked the kitchen had already started preparing lunch for the rest of the volunteers.Kate refilled their water bottles while Jessica filled a knapsack with supplies for their picnic lunch. "Mine is so fine I end up having to wear it tied up most of the time.She watched as Jessica bent to grab her water bottle, the khaki fabric of her pants tight against her slim buttocks.Jessica took a quick swallow of water and splashed a bit on her face and neck, her pale grey t-shirt now wet from sweat and water.There was a lot to do to prepare the camp for the summer season - minor repairs, cleaning, checking the boats, clearing out the raccoons that had decided to take advantage of the isolated site over the winter and, of course, setting up the tents.