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The old District Court Building is built in black Stone in British Regine and the new one is built in the year 2005. 1st January 1990, to cover the areas comprising the Revenue Talukas of Malegaon, Nandgaon & Satana. The Court of Civil Judge & JMFC Niphad established in the year 1964 in the rental premises. Gadre, Wamanrao Yardi and leader of Maharashtra Shri. The Main contention in the case was that, by remaining underground Vasantrao has raised the political movements and has caused a war against Government and therefore under Sec.

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Its occasion was the impending departure of Vinayak Savarkar for England in the middle of June 1906, a step which he was enabled to take owing to his being the recipient of a scholarship given by Shamji Krishna Varma, the founder of the India House at Highgate.Up to the time of his departure, Vinayak Savarkar had been one of the most active & probably the most stimulating of the members of the Mitra Mela.21st December 1909 Krishna Gopal Karve 24th December 1909 6th January 1910.Vinayak Narayan Deshpande 23rd December 1909, 6th January 1910.Dhule District and a part of Gujrath lie to its north. till 1312, it was under the regime of Yadavas of Devgiri.

Nashik District came under the regime ' Chalukat' and then `Rajkut' and again under the regime of `Chalukat'. After 1313, it was under the regime of rulers of Delhi for a short period and subsequently formed to be a part of Bahamani State of Gulbarga and it was under that regime from 1347 to 1390.

`Peth' was the place of office of Additional Collector and `Thane' was a District place, which was the office of the Collector. Bowell dated and 4.1.1858 delivered to the then Collector of Thane Shri. During the period of 18, the first Assistant Magistrate was the Assistant Collector and it appears that Police Superintendent also exercised the power to try Criminal Cases. Bowell dated 1.1.1858, the Magistrate of Peth had tried the case against Raje Bhagwantrao Neelkanthrao Pawar and sentenced him to death for the crime of waging war, by hanging which was executed in public in front of Court of Peth. Bowell had also sentenced 13 people to life imprisonment, earlier known to be as the punishment of `Kala Pani'. Walkar who was then Police Superintendent, had punished Dhondu Kali Vallabh and 13 others.

The offices of Police Headquarters and Superintendent of Police were also at Thane, which is apparent from the letters of Shri. The present southern part of Nashik District i.e Nashik, Sinnar, Niphad, Yeola the area of these Talukas was included in the Ahmednagar District. Jain is presenting presiding over as Principal District and Sessions Judge, w.e.f. The Court of Civil Judge, Junior Division was established at Malegaon in the year 1891 in the existing court building.

Sangli city- the district place - is situated on the bank of Krishna river.

The valley of the River Krishna and its tributaries offer many irrigation and agricultural advantages which drives the economy of the district and the city.

Krantiveer Naik was underground for some period and by ultimate sacrifice, contributed for the said movement. The activities of the association did not, however, cease there for we have evidence, which we accept as true, that meeting were held at the house of Ganesh Savarkar & Aba Darekar, one of the song-writers of the association, at which the biographies of patriotic revolutionists were read & re-read, the particular favorites being Mazzini, Shivaji & Ramdas where discussions were carried on with regard to the means for attaining independence for India.