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I must admit that as a host she was completely inexperienced.

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The TV series "Streets of Broken Lights" met expectations and provided TNT with a stable, though comparatively small (2-3%) audience within the first year of the broadcast.

By the middle of the year the channel could be viewed already in 100 cities of Russia.

TNT reserves 100% of authors’ rights to all of its original shows and owns two of the largest producer companies in the country: which are the Comedy Club Production and the Good Story Media, and has exclusive contracts with a number of leading Russian showrunners.

Since 2016, TNT-Tele Net JSC is directed by Artur Janibekyan, head of the sub-holding Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV.

invited by the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding Igor Malashenko, who, together with his deputy Pavel Korchagin, and the rest of the team, a year before managed to launch the first Russian non-state television network - STS.

The new channel was also initially founded as a network, focusing primarily on the interests of the regional viewers.

The rating breakthrough was primarily due to the including a notorious talk show "Okna" hosted by Dmitry Nagiyev into the grid, as well as adding to it several other programs launched with the participation of a new team of managers led by Roman Petrenko, the former CEO of the STS.

On November 15 the “old-fashioned” TNT aired the last TV program called "Today’s day", which show managed very rapidly to become the least popular and the least-rated though it used to be extremely popular before.

In order to further develop the latter idea, a television company "Russian Video - Channel 11," the TNT St.

Petersburg partner, was ordered to shoot a detective series called "Streets of Broken Lights" about the everyday life of the Russian police “working in a polite way”.

The signal is being delivered via the following satellites: Intelsat 604 (60 ° E) for the European part of Russia, immediately in a digital form (for the decoding of which the partner stations received the necessary equipment), and Intelsat 704 (64 ° E) for the eastern part Country, having been working for the first six months in an analog mode.