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There was only one problem: “Jenny Jenny”, which required nonstop kicks while doing a walking bassline and almost drove me insane.

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he's no longer here, but this place is his personal musuem/shrine his many paintings are decorating the house.

some still on easles that look liked they were never finished, trippy.

I knew everyone in the band already and loved the music so it was a great last minute solution.

I was in between living situations and needed a vacation. I ran every morning for three and a half weeks, lost 15 pounds, listened to 30 songs nonstop, got a passport, bought polka dot shirts, convinced them to do a Velvet Underground version of “Kansas City”, practiced like crazy, played a warmup show with the Schizos and got halfway decent in less than a month.

It’s been over six months but I finally got around to putting my pictures, words and videos from when I was there in one place.

Also included a lot of great stuff that other folks were nice enough to share.

He thought I’d be fun to have on tour, so I’ve been practicing on Kevin Gossett’s borrowed bass, trying to exercise and shunning tortillas in anticipation of playing two sets a night with a bunch of people going crazy onstage.

The Little Richards play rocked out covers by wop-bop-alula-a-you-know-who, complete with choreography. This is a song by Little Richard called….” The Schizophonics are a fuzzed-out husband/wife-led trio packed with not-to-be-believed one armed jumping bean guitarist insanity.

A swell guy and musician who’s lived abroad in Italy and Spain for years.

I couldn’t wait to see his reaction to the Schizophonics and, like everyone, he was completely knocked out.

After a lot of pushing and practice, I finally got it. VITORIA/SHOW #9 BARCELONA Woke up in Vitoria, headed to a laundromat and spent awhile in a nearby cafe while my new red shirt turned my whites pink. Drove to Barcelona’s Rock Sound, the smallest place we’ve played just one day after our biggest show yet.